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If you’ve ever considered volunteering for a clinical trial—either to improve your own health or to help advance medical research—watch our “Participating in a Clinical Trial: Is it Right for Me?” video to learn more.

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Major Milestones & Many Firsts

Since its inception in 1978, the Foundation has raised and distributed more than $500 million to Baylor Health Care System and its charitable affiliates. Donor investments have had a wide-reaching impact on Baylor’s commitment to develop innovative models of care, use advanced medical technology and conduct game-changing research.

In FY14, the Foundation received more than $650,000 in support from many of Dallas-Fort Worth’s leading citizens, benefitting key research initiatives such as:


Breast Cancer Research

Developing better ways to diagnose and treat breast cancer through more personalized therapies for patients. One of these is a pilot study, which currently has 10 patients enrolled, to test the efficacy of a vaccine on triple negative breast cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer Research

Supporting an innovative clinical trial and collection of samples for a biomarker study related to pancreatic cancer; making inoperable pancreas cancer operable; and providing a treatment for pancreas cancer that can significantly improve patients’ quality of life.

Transplantation research

Identifying new and better methods of preventing rejection of transplanted organs to significantly improve the health of transplant patients.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) research

Evaluating the effectiveness of therapies and methods associated with the most successful outcomes for TBI patients.

Your gift, no matter how big or small, contributes to a great cause.

Watch the Foundation’s $500 Million Milestone Ripple Effect video to learn more:

Baylor Health Care System Foundation
Founded in
Has raised and distributed more than
$500 million to Baylor
Supported by more than
active donors
nearly $700,000 raised in FY14

As our successes continue into the next year, we encourage you to visit the Baylor Scott & White Health Care System Newsroom to see updates about the real innovation, happening right here.

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